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"We cannot rehearse for the unknown but what we can rehearse is how we are together, and how we prepare our communities to be together" - Margaret Wheatley I have gathered groups online and explored the collective wisdom of our times. I have [...]

No time is better than this one to discover what waits for you beneath the busy facade of life. Here is a chance to embrace what thrives in spite of illness and longs to be awakened in the turbulence of grief, uncertainty and fear. [...]

What is the difference between a coach, a counselor and a mentor? There is a lot more gray area than it seems. A good coach will give emotional support and a good counselor will help thier client to reach thier highest goals. So what is the [...]

This message came through this morning at dawn, on the spring equinox. It's a message for you, and for me and for all of us: Pause and Listen. In a crisis, there is still room for patience. Even [...]

It's Time.  Whatever has been holding you back, its time to move past it. You can shift a lot this year. You can use this year as a fulcrum point for the big shifts that you have been avoiding. [...]

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