This message came through this morning at dawn, on the spring equinox. It’s a message for you, and for me and for all of us:

Pause and Listen.
In a crisis, there is still room for patience.
Even in chaos, there is a place for peace.
When there is so much happening in the world, it’s tempting to rush to respond – to grasp for control, to react with fear, force, uncertainty, and anxiety which leaves us even more ill at ease. Let yourself pause long enough to readjust to the changing world so that you don’t magnify your anxieties. The right responses will emerge at the right time. You can trust in your deeper instincts, you can trust yourself.
As long as we are trying to rush ahead, we are coming from a place of disease and imbalance. Instead, give yourself time to center, breathe and make peace with what you don’t know and what you can’t control. Make room for your tenderness, your unrest and your rest, each in turn.
Today is the spring equinox. It is a time when we are held in the balance of day and night. It is a time for being in-between. It’s a time for trusting the seed before it has opened and giving space for the future before it emerges.
This is a good time to pause and listen. Listen for the quieter things beneath the voice of unease. Watch for the signs of something gentler emerging in the midst of the chaos. Celebrate each new sign of life, every small unfolding. Notice what rises up naturally from the earth, from a place deeper and more reassuring than all of our fears and uncertainties.
-Sarah Haggerty
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