I have gathered groups online and explored the collective wisdom of our times. I have spoken to clients and family and friends and community leaders. I have reflected on the question of just what resilience is. I have combed through what my graduate professors and other wisdom teachers are offering. I have meditated and walked in nature. I have sought to reconcile the challenges that are happening in me and in the world.

But the fact is that what is happening now globally is new for everyone. There are no experts and we are all doing our best to be present with all that is happening in the COVID era. We are all experiencing threats to survival that affect us without our knowledge or permission. But beyond the present challenges, there is a wider, clearer perspective, an opportunity to integrate and go forward from here.

Over recent months, I have found myself at times numbing out and other times rushing forward as if I could fix everything for everyone. There is so much that we cannot control right now. Its essential to slow down to integrate but it is not easy to slow down in times of crisis. After more than a month of disruption, it may be that we are still discovering how to arrive back to ourselves. Just to be fully human is an accomplishment. It takes an act of devotion to be present with what is, whatever it is – especially when it is our own unrest.

I cannot imagine the full scale of this experience for anyone else but I can at times soften enough to be with the challenges and blessings, allowing them to integrate with less defense.

I am humbled;

Not knowing what it’s like to be a nurse on the front lines

Or a family who lost income with no end in sight.

My heart goes out to the many other people who are struggling, especially those who have lost loved ones without warning, those who have lost their whole livelihood, and people who are suddenly homeschooling children without support. I am even more aware of the disparities of health, liberty and justice that are occurring on a daily basis.  I am also aware of the beautiful elements of human spirit that are arising up and through these times. Creative art, collective imagination and emergent wisdom is arising everywhere I look.

Connection Matters 

Research from past pandemics shows what is proven to help people adapt in times like these. It may come as no great surprise that one of the greatest factors of resilience for people who are struggling during a pandemic is healthy community.

I led a four-week group online recently, and it is one of the most meaningful experiences during quarantine – for me and for everyone who participated. It was an extraordinary set of people. We were international – connecting from across three continents. We were also intergenerational – spanning many ages and stages of life. We shared camaraderie and collective wisdom about how to nourish ourselves in this unexpected time of global change. Each week I found joy in the deep well of inspiration that emerged from the group.

Now I am opening this opportunity again to be a part of a group like this. This will be an ongoing group, not just for the pandemic, but for the creative path ahead. This is for you and for me and for everyone – whoever is inspired to be a part of this emergent community. If you want to be involved in generating collective resilience and reimagining the way life can unfold meaningfully from here, here’s your chance to join in.

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Feel the Call?

This is a live group – an organic interweaving of real people, real feeling, real collective wisdom. This group is about holding sacred space so people can come and explore the path of the soul each week. This is for you if you are inspired to be a part of a collective song of courage, creativity, and change.

The first session is free, after that it is a monthly membership – you can join in and out at any month you choose. I encourage you to join us now so that you can be a part of the inception. Full Scholarships are available for anyone who is struggling financially due to COVID. I may host two groups per week if there is interest in more than one time. Email me to join the waitlist and share your day/time preference, or to request a scholarship.

If you join the group this month, you will receive a toolkit for resilience in the Covid Era which includes the best resources that I have come across – specifically for addressing the challenges that we are facing right now – such as relaxing the nervous system in times of crisis and developing a new vision of the world beyond lockdown.

In addition to this group, I am also offering low-cost 1:1 counseling and coaching sessions on a pay-as you can basis for anyone affected financially by COVID 19.

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