No time is better than this one to discover what waits for you beneath the busy facade of life. Here is a chance to embrace what thrives in spite of illness and longs to be awakened in the turbulence of grief, uncertainty and fear.

What new hope rises up in the midst of chaos?

“Never waste a crisis” as Winston Churchill would say.

Times like these are not for business as usual. They are for the journey that has been waiting all along for our attention. Now we can seek what sits beneath our normal day to day experience and discover what makes our soul long to sing again. Here is a chance to find out who you are beneath it all.

As regular life falls away we see what is hiding, the habits that don’t serve us and the ways that we numb ourselves becomes more obvious. Never is there a better time to strengthen ourselves in our inner lives.

The courage to live life differently is forged in times of chaos.

The ability to sit with uncertainty is relevant no matter what happens

Be here, be present.

Do what you can to make the world a little more graceful, even just for this moment. It may come as no surprise that the courage to live differently is forged in times of chaos. Not in the stagnant repetition of day to day life.

This time is precious, it is a time to turn inward and get a rare glimpse of what is often hidden. All of those things that we thought were necessary were only hindering our evolution all along. In the end, we may look back on all the things that we thought were so critical to our survival and recognize how many addictions appeared like needs and how many false ideals appeared like essential beliefs.

Existential Philosophers like Rollo May taught us that the values which we live by are constantly changing. The new values that are most needed for the times we are in emerge in the midst of chaos. Chaos is necessary to help us discover new vision, new leadership, new ways of being.

Upheaval is an essential call to awaken the emergent leadership of each generation.

We will not succeed by going back to buisness as usual. Our quality of life depends on whether or not our willingness to live differently is stronger than our complacency.

Step away from all the things that seemed important in the grip of normalcy and be curious about what is actually essential in this new reality we are living in. This is a time in which leadership and personal shifts can emerge out of the miasma of the everyday world.

Instead of returning to life as usual, get curious about our hidden strengths, our greater capabilities and our true dreams that have been eluding us because we were too busy, too driven, too accustomed to the way things are to make room for them.

Its easy in the midst of crisis to sit in fear and helplessness and uncertainty. It is tempting to lapse into hypervigilance, watching the news, hoarding information or supplies. We are all guilty of being unsettled at times like these. But amidst all of the raucus blaming, and the unrest, the numbness and irritability and the fearmongering that are inevitable expressions of disease, there is another way…

There is an opening here, a more powerful opportunity, a whisper, quieter but more centering.

It’s ok to be afraid.

Its ok to be overwhelmed and sometimes to act from a place of disquiet.

But there is also a different way of releasing control and allowing the unknown to reveal itself, little by little in small detail.

We must first accept the unintelligible before we can comprehend it.

Emergent values are always unintelligible at first. They arrive amidst chaos and contradict the old patterns that we are accustomed to.

No meaning can be made in a time of upheaval until we have arrived fully present.

The scattered reactions and disowned experiences that occur in crisis needs a place to settle before we can make sense of what is happening.

This is a time to practice patience with ourselves and make friends with uncertainty. When buisness as usual is interrupted, if we can settle ourselves enough to be present to the experience that we are now in, we have the rare opportunity to discover who we are at the very center of our lives.

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No time is better than this one

To go down and in

And discover what waits for you

Beneath the busy facade of life

Also to stand up, step up, to embrace

What thrives in spite of illness

And longs to be awakened

In the turbulence of grief, uncertainty and fear.

What new hope rises up in the midst of chaos?

This is a chance to go there and discover it.

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