What is Soul Guidance

 If you choose to believe in a world in which more is possible, then what? What do you do now? Where can you find the guidance of a personal mentor who can help you apply the teachings of words wisdom in your own life?

What Happens during the Sessions?

I help people bring meaning and connection into their lives. There is no strict dividing line between a personal life, a professional life, and a spiritual life. It is all most importantly your life. And it is all meaningful. Or at least, that’s the goal.

This work is about you. It is about bringing balance in your daily life, supporting your efforts in the world, assisting your relationships and restoring your sense of purpose. As a mentor, I work with people on a wide variety of issues. I help people with career advancement and day to day life decisions and general wellbeing. I also help with grief, loss, and trauma.

Each session will vary depending on your goals. We may create simple ceremonies for your healing or engage with visionary life design.  You may seek emotional support and I will help you find your bearings through the big transitions in your life. You may wish to engage with meditations to explore your dreams or heal your ancestral family lineage, or to deepen your connection with nature. You may want leadership coaching. In any case, we will talk about your goals and work together to create something uniquely attuned to you.

When you are connected on a soul level with any of these areas of life, it is easier to navigate. That is what I am here to do. The underlying goal of my work is to restore a sense of meaning and depth by helping people bring their soul into their lives. Wherever you feel the most overwhelmed is also where there is the most potential for real transformation. By facing what challenges you, you can awaken the authentic power of who you are.

Is this a Religious thing?

Not at all. This work is non-dogmatic and cross-cultural. It integrates with any faith tradition and also with agnostics and atheists. I don’t tell anyone what to believe. The soul guidance sessions are less about what you believe and more about discovering who you are and how you can bring more of your talents into the world where they are truly needed. I help people tune into their own inherent capabilities and learn how to speak and to listen to the language of the soul. The end result of this work leads you back to your own heart, which is your greatest ally. but along the way, you may learn to understand your dreams, find guidance from within, align with your own greater capabilities, face the challenges of transformation and get clear on your steps to come.

In this work, your own soul is the most important teacher. I help you make contact with that teacher and translate what is happening into a language that makes sense to you. Across the world’s traditions, this kind of close personal instruction has long been an essential component to support the meaningful lives of people in every village. The lack of this kind of mentoring in our modern life is one reason it is difficult to find depth and meaning and purpose.

Foundations of this Work

I use Soul-Centric Psychology, Energy Psychology, Depth Psychology and other integrative approaches which synthesize intuition, vibrational awareness and body-mind connection together with the methods of western psychology.
Practices from the deep nature connection movement help to awaken mindfulness and promote a sense of place. This approach supports a deeper self-awareness, a closer relationship with nature and authentic connections in the human community.
A lifelong study of traditional wisdom from around the world provides a framework for intuitive guidance. For interested clients, we may work with ceremonial skills and connective practices

It starts with saying Yes!

I am accepting a limited number of clients who I work with through an ongoing mentorship.


Before I can tell my life what I want to do with it, I must listen to my life telling me who I am.

Parker J. Palmer

For those who are committed to live a life of great possibility and hope