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An uncommon approach

With the presence or absence of healthy leadership, hearts are either opened or closed. Opportunities are gained or they are lost. Whether it is a talk, workshop, training, or ceremony, extraordinary leadership is the best way to evoke extraordinary results.

Leaders who rely on formulas miss the chance to reach people in a more natural way.  I offer a versatile and unique approach to leadership and public speaking. I work in wide-ranging settings from education to business to personal growth and spiritual development. I specialize in organic facilitation, highly responsive group experiences & original content.

Whether they are for professional, educational or community settings, I facilitate experiences which help people to step through the gateways of nature and the human psyche, connect in the heart with other people and explore a new narrative for themselves and the world.

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Ceremonial Leadership

I offer support for people who wish to create ceremonies of deep personal significance for yourself, your community, your work or your family.

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