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Soul Strategy Sessions

Imagine reducing the time that you spend climbing the wrong ladders, scaling the wrong walls only to get to places that don’t resonate with your real potential. Through soul strategy sessions you can bring your work and your deeper inspirations together in a way that each one serves the other, – a process which generates real-world results.

The path to success begins here

on the creative edge

where your unique purpose meets the needs of the world 

in an extraordinary way

An Uncommon Approach

Anyone can give you a template for success. What you can’t get out of a template is the discovery of your own unique potential. Most business and career coaches will give you strategies to get ahead. However, what is much more uncommon is a guide who can help to align your strategy with your soul.

These unconventional sessions go beyond standard career and business coaching. They can help you get in touch with deeper levels of knowledge and insight which are the foundations of extraordinary leadership.  Weaving together evocative conversations, intuitive inspirations, and business acumen, these sessions provide a way for you to get in touch with your deeper potential. You will receive practical advice along with in-depth personal mentoring to help guide and support you through a journey of creative discovery.

“I chose Sarah as a personal mentor because her presence among students suggested a deep capacity to listen, reflect, and guide. I have seen Sarah mentor children and adults over the years, and I knew I needed that same guidance in my life.”

Dr. Nicolette Cagle, Lecturer, Duke University

Sarah’s work over the years has been extraordinary.  Her laser insight into other’s hearts and minds, her gentle evocative questions, her ability to succinctly summarize wide-ranging and disparate discussions and the depth of her integrity all lead to her extraordinary work.

Don Wells, former Headmaster and Professor, presently an Independent Consultant and mentor
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This is for you if you want to:

  • Catalyze growth and cultivate an extraordinary vision for yourself or your business
  • Experience the abundance that is a natural result of integrating your whole self into your work
  • Develop a meaningful work life, a vibrant work culture, and an effective strategy for your next steps
  • Get intuitive insight, practical advice and personal mentoring to help you grow as an individual or team

This is not for you if:

  • You don’t want to take the risk to be authentic in your work
  • You do not believe that intuition or visionary inspiration belongs in your workplace
  • You want a formulaic approach which requires no introspection
  • You are not ready, willing or able to wholeheartedly engage in transforming your business and career

“Let the beauty

of what you love

be what you do”


“An extraordinary business

starts with extraordinary people.

extraordinary people start with purpose.”

— Jesper Lowgren

When work comes into congruence with authentic purpose, natural leadership is born

No matter what field you are in, it’s extraordinary how much is possible when you follow your heart

  • Nothing needs to be forced
  • You will feel more aliveness
  • Your obstacles still exist but they are more easily overcome through creative solutions
  • There is a sense of synergy in you and around you
  • Everything that emerges from your clarity and unique vision has a greater capacity to inspire and engage others

About Sarah

  •  20 years of practice in leadership development
  •  20 years of experience in staff management
  •  Longtime professional & personal mentor

Sarah’s consulting work is based in organizational psychology, nature-connected leadership, management experience, and unconventional acumen. She serves a wide range of clients including C-suite executives, solo-entrepreneurs, non-profit directors, financial advisors, aspiring educators, and emerging companies.

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